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Baby Steps
Things are starting to move and it is the Governments intention to get people back to work, but it will be “baby steps”.

As more advice and clarification comes through and changes are made to the support provided by the state, businesses need to revisit and revise their plans and forecasts.

This is no longer a once a year or once a quarter exercise it needs to be done as soon as new information arrives that affects your sector or your business in particular.

Any changes to circumstances will affect the decisions you have to make.

This could be changes to the workplace, changes to staffing, the need for more borrowing and so on.

Ensuring that you have plans in place, revisiting them regularly, reacting accordingly and looking at “what if” scenarios will help you navigate through the choppy waters ahead.

If you don’t have the expertise in house or this is something you have not been used to doing in the past, then there are experts out there that can help.

Whether it is HR, Finance, Financial Management, Health and Safety, Legal or other, then don’t be afraid to ask, people are out there to help if you need them.


11th May 2020