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Can your business adapt to the New Normal?
Can your business adapt to the New Normal?

With the lockdown still in place and restrictions still to continue for some while when we are let out, can your business adapt to continue with restrictions still in place?

How can you adapt to still give the customer what they want.

There are examples of some restaurants that have started operating as take-aways or use delivery services.

One enterprising pub landlord in Belfast was delivering freshly poured Guinness to customers’ doors, until the Police said he may be flouting Licensing Regulations and the service has been suspended (hopefully temporarily). I’m old enough to remember that “Beer at home means Davenports!”

With technology in place a lot of business can be done on-line. There are many Training Companies that have offered on-line learning programmes for years.

Manufacturing companies need to have people on site to produce goods, but there may be some processes that can be streamlined, or automated.

This doesn’t have to be a short-term solution either. Once we “get back to normal”, if the customer demand is still there, these new ways of doing business will persist.

Looking at your business, how can you deliver your product or service to your end client.


28th April 2020