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The Why hasn’t changed, but the How probably has.
The Why hasn’t changed, but the How probably has.

In a recent on line forum, we talked about doing business in the future. Simon Sinek and “Start With Why” came up. If you haven’t heard of him, he basically says people choose to do business with you because of WHY you do what you do, not WHAT you do or HOW, those are almost taken as read.

Talking around the table, Covid-19 hadn't changed the WHY for a lot of businesses, WHAT hadn’t changed much either, but HOW will have changed for some.

My Why is “to help small businesses improve and grow”. This desire to help comes from my mum who would always be there to lend a helping hand if anybody needed it.

My WHY hasn’t changed.

As a FD working with businesses on a part-time basis, I always shied away from calling myself a Virtual FD as this implies remote working; my focus has always been going into businesses, talking with people and getting to know them. The personal interaction is important.

This isn't so easy now, but using things like Zoom and the Cloud, discussions can still be had, and data analysed wherever you are.

For me, this will never replace the personal touch, but if the WHY still works and the client is still helped, then Virtual may be the next best thing.

Will your business need to adapt?


27th April 2020