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World Cup - What have we learned so far?
We started with 32 and now we are down to the last 8; what parallels are there with the World Cup so far and business in the Modern World?

You cannot rely on your past reputation alone, you need to keep training, working hard and adapt. Ask Germany. (or Marks and Spencer)

You may have people that are individually brilliant, but if the team around you doesn’t pull together individual brilliance cannot make up for it. Ask Argentina and Portugal (and even Egypt)

If you need to act, then act. Do not keep passing ideas (or the ball) around and then try to make up for your inaction by rushing things at the last minute. Ask Spain.

If things aren’t going your way, then persevere. If you keep doing the right things and doing things right, it will work out for you in the end (even if you have to wait until the end). Ask Belgium

If somebody deliberately trips you up, to gain an advantage they will not succeed in the long run. Ask Croatia and Denmark

If thinks are going great but then you have some set-backs, perhaps it is time to “put your foot on the ball”, regroup and think about how you are going to approach the future, don’t be reckless and go for glory. Ask Japan.

Celebrate small victories it all helps build for the future. Maybe success won’t happen right now, but you never know in the future. Ask Panama about their first World Cup goal.

You need a team of all skills and all ages to succeed. Experience is a must, but the input of young blood (millennials) can make all the difference. Ask France.

And finally, sometimes you might fly by the seat of your pants, but dogged determination rolling your sleeves up and not being bowed by failures of the past might get you through. Ask England.

To be continued…?

4th July 2018