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Meet Ian Richards
When I can see that I have made a difference by giving a business information that they haven't had before, provided them with a solution to a problem, or even freed up some cash for them, it gives me a warm glow.

A lot of owners and managers find that they always have their "nose to the grindstone" and are working day to day in the business rather than working on how to improve it.

With me as their Finance Director, businesses get an extra, but affordable, resource that adds value.

Ian Richards - IDR Consultants
My role is to support and challenge. I provide the key information needed to understand how the business is performing. But while this key information is important, the figures on their own are not what the business is about. My knowledge and experience means I can look at the bigger picture and see how the figures fit with the business vision and ethos.

My work helps businesses make informed decisions, take actions and put plans in place to reach the desired goal and achieve success.

I qualified as a Chartered Accountant with a "Big 4" firm, but over the last 25 years I have been out in industry working with a variety of companies, in a variety of sectors; ranging from owner-managed SMEs to publicly quoted corporations.

I started IDR Consultants when I saw that, by using the knowledge and experience I had built up over the years as a Finance Director, I could help smaller businesses improve and grow. It's a role I find incredibly rewarding.

ICAEW Chartered Accountant