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Helping you realise the value in your business

Having a good understanding of the financial situation of your business is invaluable. It helps you see how your business has performed in the past. It helps you run your business more efficiently and effectively now. And it helps you put in place accurate and achievable plans for the future.

A Finance Director provides all this financial understanding and more. But as a small business you don't need a Finance Director on a full time basis.

IDR Consultants provides the answer: a part time Finance Director.

We provide the support of an incisive, insightful, pragmatic and collaborative Finance Director in whatever capacity your business needs. This might include:

•  clear management information
•  cash flow management
•  profit improvement
•  financial planning
•  internal controls
•  reporting compliance
•  other financial matters

Working proactively alongside your management team we will give you the insight you need to:

•  make fully informed decisions
•  define your short, medium and long term strategy and plans
•  see your business realise its full potential

If you would like to discuss how a Finance Director could benefit your business, please get in touch.