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When one of our UK Companies found itself needing extra resource to help manage the Finance Team and complete the year end, critical for both UK and International reporting, Ian was able to step in at short notice and take up the reins.

Ian ensured that the Audit and all reporting was completed on time, 'rolling his sleeves up' where required. He also facilitated the restructuring of the finance team as it was moved to central processing.

When other ad hoc projects arose, Ian was able to take these on board and deliver what the company needed.

I would certainly recommend Ian, his experience along with his pragmatic and down to earth approach to the work undertaken gave us confidence that the job would get done.

Eduard Sworski
CFO, Transnorm System GmbH
As a small, but rapidly expanding business, we required the experience and expertise of an FD to help us with our planning and setting the business up to cope with this growth. We did not have the work load for a full time FD, so having Ian and IDR Consultants come in and assist us on a part time basis was of great benefit to the company.

Having someone like Ian, available as and when we need him, helped us to meet our expansion plans as well as our budget, perfectly.

Craig Shaw
Group CEO, Advetec Holdings Ltd
Ian helped with a project to improve the financial reporting of the company.

He coached the team to identify the different income streams and associated costs within the company and showed us how to identify other non-financial KPI’s such as bookings per employee.

As a result of the company has been able to identify the profitability of different areas of the business and the areas that are resource intensive.

His coaching has enabled us to fine tune the reports required by management and to produce new reports and KPI’s that help decision making.

As a result of Ian’s help we now have a better understanding of the business and can make more informed decisions.

Jane Atkins
Finance Director, Incentivise Limited
Ian helped with a project improving the processes and procedures within the organisation.

His coaching enabled us to ascertain the processes within the sales process from identifying leads, through administration of course bookings to invoicing.

With Ian’s guidance we were able to produce flowcharts showing how the different business systems were used, how they interacted with each other, and how they were used by the staff.

From this we were able to identify training requirements, areas of duplication and were able to streamline the processes in the company, saving both time and cost.

From this we now have the ability to review the other processes and procedures within the organisation.

Rob Noble
CEO, The Leadership Trust Foundation